Halloween Hollywood style

Lovely night to be in character, don’t you think? When in Hollywood, there’s no night like Halloween night to get out of the normality and be flamboyant.

Hundreds of thousands of revelers gather in West Hollywood in what is said to be the
biggest Halloween parade in the world. Wicked witches, a few grim reapers here and there, maybe a Dracula or two… after all it’s All Hallow’s Eve.  But instead of scary costumes, what catches one’s eye is the immensity of pop culture references in costumes, from OompaLoompas to the Occupy Sesame Street movement. Simultaneously, you can’t help but think that you’re wearing too many clothes.  Some girls in the classic “my Halloween custom is a bra and some panties”, plenty of drag queens, kinky policeman whipping around – all walk by in a see and be seen parade.

When you’re walking down the street, and a senior citizen of about sixty is sitting down, spreading his legs, (un)dressed with only a purple cape and a thong to match, you can’t help but wonder: “Where am I? Oh it’s Hollywood and it’s Halloween night!”


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