Rio, intensity and contrast

Rio de Janeiro. A unique city, with unique people. The way that it zigzags through green covered brown hills, letting space for buildings, lagoons and vegetation is something I’ve never seen. Or have I? The strange thing about my experience in Rio is how I seem to already know it, seem to have already experienced it, even if it’s the first time here. The way that the districts are scattered around the city is no secret for me. The location of some landmarks is somewhere in the back of my mind, lost in friends testimonials, books and movies. Also its familiarity. The language, the music, some cultural references. Cobblestone streets and some smells that remind me of home. It’s a city that I can walk around solo and find myself easily while getting lost. At the same time, everything is so new and so fresh. This is the paradox, this is the beautiful contradiction of my mind in Rio de Janeiro.

A peek through the life of Rio… Out of the center, out of the main squares… Sometimes the greatest attraction in Rio are its people…

A friend of a friend invited me to take a stroll around the neighbourhood, enjoy its striking views and talk to the people, so I could experience another side of Rio. It was incredible…

On the hottest day of the year, I seek refuge in Rio’s natural lungs… It’s amazing how right next to the concrete jungle can be such a dense, beautiful forest…

These pictures were taken within a 15 minute drive… Believe it or not


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