Unforgettable moments in South America…

Today I leave South America… Looking back I can’t help but to feel blessed to have felt the land of this Continent. When I came ashore in Cartagena, Colombia I knew immediately that I would fall in love and that its people would give me something too valuable, irreplaceable in my heart – the broadening of horizons and the loving of simple things in life. From the smile of a Bolivian lady, to the wisdom of a Chilean man, passing by the eloquent chats at St. Moritz cafe in Bogota, not mentioning the heartfelt hospitality of Rio… those were fragments of time that will be carved forever on the walls of my mind. I can’t but feel… maybe nostalgic is the right word, I can’t be sad. I know Buenos Aires, that I’ll be once again walking down Av. 9 de Julio… Rest assured Medellin, that I’ll be once again lost in the maze of Vallejuelos… Don’t you worry Dona Celia, I’ll come back to your breath taking Copan building in your lovely Sao Paulo… I can’t be sad… Because I will soon set the sails of my eyes to a place I’ve always wanted to set foot upon… Australia, wait for me… I’ll soon let you embrace me… To whom my paths have crossed, and you DO know who you are, my big, HUGE thank you, for coloring my ways, for making my sceneries alive… Travelling does make me real, it’s the paradox in my thoughts…


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