The universal language of a smile

I wake up in Jakarta to the sound of a nearby Mosque. I step outside, enjoying my first rays of Asian sunshine, while this blazing heat melts me into dampness. A man in blue passes by, throws me a smile from the other side of the road. “Hello Mr.” I answer back in English, which makes him smile even more. He shrugs his shoulders and his grin gets bigger… Just then it hits me… For the first time in my life, I’m in a country that I don’t know the language… I can’t tell you how excited this realization made me… The beautiful glory of not being understood and having the universal language of a smile!


One thought on “The universal language of a smile

  1. I’m happy to know you can see and feel that smile when you had trip in Jakarta 🙂
    Your narration reminds me to common impression to my International friends who visit Indonesia like “sound of the mosque” and “hello mister!” 🙂
    I wish you can come back to Indonesia to explore many more spots, Solo city for example 🙂 Haha a little promotion for my own city.
    Nice blog! Keep on sharing your wonderful adventures…

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