Jalanan Jakarta: A final stroll

All I can say is thank you, miss Jakarta… You’ve been great to me. You’ve offered everything a traveller like me wishes for. Color and vibrance, kindness and nothing but good vibes from your people. Simple things, but important to me… You’ve also been a fantastic gateway into Asia… Makes me excited for what lays ahead…

The weight and the movement


She keeps her cool…

Just another afternoon in Jakarta

Get on the bus…

In his defense, Michael Jackson was playing…

Cigarrette Break


6 thoughts on “Jalanan Jakarta: A final stroll

  1. Jakarta, the crowd, the dream, the opportunity, the fight, the dynamic.
    Those are all to mention your nice shots!

    • Thanks Sonny, and your words do describe well the energetic and spirited pace of Jakarta… A contrast I found, between that pace and the amazingly nice attitude of the people… And someone said once that big city people are grumpy… that statement makes no sense in Jakarta!

  2. Hey buddy. This is israr from USA . Me and my wife durdana travelled with u from butter worth to Bangkok. The pictures are great and very lively. I love your comments with pictures. I am 100 percent agree with u if u want to enjoy real culture and real life stay away from big roads , buildings and enjoy your food on streets. You are enjoying the best part of your life.camodia pictures are more lively. Keep it up. Be safe. By the way my wife has a complain that u took her photographs and there is non in album. After Bangkok we visited Pakistan , Dubai and back to USA. Thanks

    • Israrul! So great to hear from you! I’m really glad you enjoyed the pics and the texts with it… I’m actually about to publish an article about Cambodja… I actually published your photo! You can tell Durdana to forgive me. It’s on the World Stroll Facebook page. Just look for the album “Sit back and enjoy the ride: Bangkok bound” Keep on your travel spirit, my friend! Give my best to Durdana…

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