Wat Prommanee: A Venture in Rebirth

 I want to see a ceremony that takes place in the Wat Prommanee Temple, in the province of Nakhon Nayok. It’s a rebirth ceremony, where people lay in coffins, thus being purified. I think to myself it might be good to talk to some people and try to get a glimpse at it. The temple is literally in the middle of nowhere. No signs are in English, which makes your presence as a stranger even more underlined. All around me, statues of all sizes. Buddha and a lot of holy monks. Communication is hard, but you can always get something more. In fact, Wat Prommanee includes a lot of temples, and looking for the right one proves to be a hard task. I finally reach a closed door. A simple, austere temple, not ornate like the others were. I take a peek through the glass… I’m in the right one, alright. But it’s closed… I walk around, hoping something is happening and it’s not… Some people tell me that they’re not doing the ceremony now… Some others say next week. My ephemeral presence is not enough to witness it… But I came here, I experienced the place and some of its magic. The travel alone was worth it. Coming out of the city, crossing the suburbs, getting lost in Thai alphabet, learning more about the country’s culture in a genuine way…

A higher ranking monk in reflection…

Religious Thai music was played, giving the place an ethereal atmosphere

In Thailand, the ordination is considered a rite of passage to adulthood


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