Out of the Bubble: Again a Stranger…

After the rush of familiarity of the first codfish powered days, I wander into the “depths” of Macau. Some delicious ramblings through the Chinese districts. Temples, gardens and markets in a huge divergence with skyscrapers and cranes. A continuously growing city in fast forward mode, entangled in a junction… the persistence of tradition and the acceleration of modernity… Such a rush of contradiction I’ve only witnessed in Asia. So, once again I take 15 mins to order my meal. One more time I talk with smiles, getting lost and found in communication. Once more my presence triggers curiosity. A stranger again… truly…

Three Lantern Market

The Kun Iam Temple getting a different skyline background

These gentlemen tried to explain me how to play their game, but my Cantonese was really not good enough (non-existent?)… It was worth the good laughs we had while trying, though…


2 thoughts on “Out of the Bubble: Again a Stranger…

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