Shanghai is China: Searching the Unchanged

“Shanghai is not China”. These were the words stressed and underlined by an Italian expatriate, living in Shanghai for a year. During our train ride, he talked and talked of how Westernized it is, how the habits of living are not Chinese at all. I always said that, as a traveller I prefer to experience things for myself, read between the lines and immerse myself into a place’s culture… No matter what it is. What I found during my first meanderings around the city was a very Chinese city. A city in constant change, yes. With cranes constantly ripping your horizon, with Western stores and brands and luxury stores. But that’s not define entirely Shanghai. Cultural changes are in general never sudden nor total. With all due respect Matteo, I decided find that persistence of traditional Chinese culture and habits… I hope you can forgive me, for we are here in two different moment, different situations… I’m a traveller… You are living here and what we look for is not the same…

Little alleyways where people gather

In a public garden, a man hangs his clothes on a tree to dry


Afternoon Tai Chi

Eels? Duck? Snake? You name it!


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