Among the People: A Shanghai Farewell

Sometimes the duration of your trip is not what matters. Sometimes intensity does. The best trip of your life can last only a couple of days. In China, I only had seven days. Seven days to feel the pulse of an immense country in constant flowing change. I can’t say I succeeded in that, but normally I don’t really mind what I don’t see… I do care about what I see, and the moments I can capture… It’s about where your steps take you, what your eyes see… In Shanghai, I was able to contact a completely different culture, but in my own way, with my own approach… I do have to thank Shanghai and its people for the warm moments it has given me… Moments of high human value, of all sorts… From hilarious, peaceful, to simply puzzling… It was a great learning…

The Smile

Youth Wonders


Expressive Crowds


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