Central HK in Color: The Filipino Women’s Gathering

Sunday afternoon, Central Hong Kong. Busy Central district seems never to take a break and weekend shoppers invade the malls. As I get out of overpass, down to the surface, there’s more to the streets than big spenders. Concentrated in the parks, hundreds of Filipino women, overflow along the side walks, sitting in cardboards, making picnics playing cards, dancing and fraternizing happily. From what I could hear, they’ve been doing this for the last ten years… every weekend. It’s a way to gather and feel closer to the ones in the same situation… Mostly maids and cleaners, overworked and underpaid… As I took the Metro home, Larissa told me: “This is a way to be closer to home… We gather, talk about what’s new, write letters to the loved ones and essentially, we see our friends…” Sunday afternoon… A more colorful and happy downtown Hong Kong…

Smiles of optimism

Taking over the side walks

Dancing the streets away

Hoy! Salamat!


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