First Mumbai Instants…

On my first day of Mumbai, I left my hostel with one clear idea in my mind. I’m going to have, as much as I can, a normal day of a normal person. Of course it’s an impossible task, I was aware of it. But I wanted to at least have a taste of it… at least take buses, trains all around and talk to the people as much as I could. So, I waited in line for 30 minutes to buy I ticket… I tried to push and shove people to get into a train… failed completely, oh well. I walked around, played some football with some kids and, at the end of the day took the bus home… Within all this normality, there was something apparently disturbing the flow… There was a huge cloud of smoke coming from a building on fire somewhere… Didn’t seem to affect the incredible spirit that drives Mumbaians on their daily tasks… Like Amit, my Indian room mate said: “It doesn’t matter what happens, in Mumbai the Show must go on…”

Harmonic Chaos

No need for comment

The quiet rest…

Mumbai Suburban train


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