Next Stop, Mumbai!

I say goodbye to China and Southeast Asia… Waiting for me lays the huge Indian sub continent. I can’t hide how excited I am. It reminds of the anticipation, the moments right before I embarked on to Jakarta. Looking back at these last months, I can’t hide how blessed I feel. I experienced such a wide range of emotions. I felt like a total stranger… in such a familiar way. Being that stranger was exactly what made me give more of myself. Come out my shell and understand. From the genuine curiosity of the Sumatra people, to the generosity of the Ngai Tsin Wai in Hong Kong… From hilarious tuc tuc rides, to amazing night walks in Macau and singalongs with Vietnamese teens… I truly feel like I took the pulse of Asia. Too many situations, some funny, some more of a reality check… Some moments of sheer happiness, some of complete and utter uselessness…
But I was thinking of this… At the top, at the peak… Hong Kong right there, overlooking the whole city… Millions of people breathing, such throbbing life… so far from my reality, and how close have I felt from it… I leave this part of the globe much richer than I arrived…


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