Into the Deep Hindustan: Weddings and Blessings in Pushkar

I always love when a city has a small surprise for me. I remember arriving in Mendoza, a generous wine region of Argentina, right on the 1st day of grape harvest… Quite the coincidence. As I step into Pushkar, the temptation of a Rikshaw is too hard to resist after 24 hours on a bus. The surprise comes in a form of a packed street, where dancers and drummers dressed in colorful way force the rickshaw driver to to turn around in a daring maneuver . I soon found out it is the wedding season in this part of Rajasthan. Huge parties of color and rhythm welcome me all around. But Pushkar is also one of the holy cities to the Hindus. Its lake is considered place of pilgrimage and purification. The city also blesses you, with unique sights… Litlle alleyways painted in blue, warm colored walls, cows walking freely, ruminating down the street and, of course, plenty of nice little characters… The ones that give life to a city with their smiles…



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