Goa Bound with a Portuguese Twang

Just last week I was admiring the brown tonalities of the Rajastan dry lands. I now head South, into Goa, crossing the state of Maharashtra. The first impression is how different the landscape offers itself to my eyes. So much green, so many tones of green, even some I thought I hadn’t seen before… So vivid… I board the 6 am train from Chhatrapati station in Mumbai, chasing my sleepiness away. That was succeeded with an amazing introduction to Goa. I met Sharlene Ann, an amazing conversationalist… We must’ve spent at least two hours making fun of old Portuguese names. “Hipolito, Josefa, Piedade, Maria Filomena Lucia das Dores…” A truly hilarious moment. She told me how her father comes from a little village called “Salvador do Mundo”. And how I should address people respectfully by calling them “Patrao”, boss in Portuguese. I had my first lesson of Konkani, the Goan dialect. I can only say, how truly amazing it is to follow the footsteps of my country in such a different landscape, all the way in India…


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