A Short Story of Everyday Life: Panaji Children Back from School

Today I woke up wanting to walk aimlessly… It was just one of these days… I’ve been in Goa for a bit, trains out of here are short and in my not very intrepid explorations, I’ve seen quite a fair bit. I wanted to witness something ephemeral, something that made me wonder and tick… Basically be exposed once again to that fateful condition of a traveller: the witness of the temporary. The stranger in normality, the passerby. I was walking around, gazing at the familiarity of this place (never ceases to amaze me when I see my name on a street), when I see a group of children chatting and laughing among each other. I instantly remembered those moments. In Lisbon, walking home with my friends, most of the times joyfully, some others more pensive, depending on the day I had at school. Without thinking I point my camera and shot. That’s it! I want to stand on a corner, at a cafe, and observe, interact, smile with them… I actually had a very interesting conversation in with Mariana, that spoke perfect portuguese… She was telling me how her weekend is ruined because Maths are haunting once again… Sometimes we see childhood as a worry free, careless walk in the park… But the truth is, children do reflect, ponder and show many faces of different emotions… Whatever caused them, I don’t know… I’m just a passerby…


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