Rainy Strolls and Sunny Smiles: The Goan Way

Tired of rain, I must admit that my “portugueseness” does not allow me to cope very well with it… In that way, I truly admire the Indian people who perform their routine in an exemplary way, using ingenuity and creativity… Yes, tired of rain, but also tired of sitting indoors… I go for a wander, a rainy stroll that takes me a bit outside of the city. The countryside is amazingly green, beautiful luscious green… I could say green the rest of the afternoon, savoring how much sense that word makes just gazing at this landscape… Eventually my “portugueseness” brings back the sun… At least it is the mythological creed that my mind tends to believe, even though it makes no sense. And then I keep walking.. A good five, or six kms… I feel quite happy to be favored by the lights of that slick sun… My smile must’ve been contagious, because I lot of people started smiling back at me. And even more they smiled when I told them where I was from. “Ah, Portugal! Viva Portugal!” A huge Wow, popped into my head, I was quite stunned to see how a portuguese could be such a smile enhancer. I mean, they looked like they were meeting an old friend. How strange that was… In my mind, I thought of colonization and etc and al that jazz… But next to an old police station, that could be anywhere in that little corner of Europe, talking to some kids, I felt this deep connection… As if somehow, we had something very much in common…


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