João Pires is a sociologist. He studied the subject at University of Lisbon, Portugal, and to this day he finds the curious, somewhat outsider view of sociologist to be his own. He is also a host, if there ever was one. For the last four years João has worked at Traveller’s House hostel in Lisbon. Travelling is his business, but while he hosted travellers from all the world during these years, he himself always stayed in his home city – Lisbon. Working at Traveller’s House, he always tried to share his passion for his city, the cobblestone streets that saw him grow up, the people and the places that were significants and that would enrich any traveller’s Lisbon experience.

For João travelling is not just about locations and sights but about immersing oneself into a culture, about getting to know the people and their habits, all those little things that give colour and life to a destination. All places breathe, they have a pulse, and it is up to the traveller to feel the beat. Being out of your comfort zone, absorbing and questioning the world around you is the point of travelling.

 But instead of travelling himself, João kept on hosting travellers. And in exchange, they gave him their stories. His encounters at the hostel confronted João, every day, with numerous cultures, numerous realities, numerous narratives that spiked his curiosity. His sociological imagination was continuously being fed – which made him even more hungry for travelling himself, for hitting the road, witnessing and soaking up an increasingly changing world. To tell the stories, both the incredible ones and the familiar ones which become incredible once we look at them from a different angle…


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Meu amigo João!!! Gostei muito do projeto.
    Desejo toda a sorte para ti. E confesso que senti um pouco de inveja. hehehe
    Adoraria estar em uma viagem ao redor do mundo também.
    Pena que nossas agendas não coincidiram. Estou indo próximo mês aos Estados Unidos também.
    Grande abraço!!!
    Acho que nos vemos na terrinha daqui a 1 ano.

  2. João, happy to see you embarked into a journey guided by the same interests I am developing. Loving your stories. Santiago or Toronto, Lima or Bogota, maybe there will be a chance of our paths crossing – and contributing to the blog. Good memories of Travellers – all the best!

  3. Eduardo! Good to hear from you and so glad you’re enjoying my little episodes from the world. I’m heading South and actually I might be in Bogota in a few weeks! Indeed they were good times at Travellers, to be repeated one of these days! Take care my friend, hope our trails will meet again…

  4. Omg, João! You are as great traveler as you are a host!! Your blog is a real delight to read, and your English is amazing!! With all those far off places you’re visiting, I assume the Old Continent is of no interest to you… but nevertheless, if Croatia is ever on your map… well, let me know! 🙂 Take care, dude!

  5. Hey man!

    I am Christophe-Marie. With my friend Guillaume, we met you and your brother in Ho-Chi-Minh-City, after having taken the same bus from Phnom Penh, and we had a few beers together (I also suspect, but I am not sure, that we had probably been staying in the same place in Phnom Penh before – Welkommen backpackers).

    I’ve been reading some of your articles and I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog very much.

    Did you managed in the end to eat some egg foetus (I think it is called “balut”)? I was so frustrated because I had to leave before being able to try that. Take photos if you ever manage to do that! I’ll make sure to leave some comments 🙂

    I hope you are enjoying the rest of your trip!


  6. your travels and photos continue to amaze and inspire. it’s truly wonderful that you have all the time and dedication to travel as many places as you do, and still keep us both informed and entertained.

    which camera are you traveling with by the way? some of the shots are worthy of contest submission! 🙂

  7. Olá João! Muito bom o site, parabéns. A estadia no Traveller’s House foi um bônus na charmosa Lisboa, adorei a casa, as pessoas, as atividades. Obrigada! (até recuperei minha pilha – rs….). O convite para vir ao Brasil e conhecer a paradisíaca João Pessoa continua de pé.
    Sucesso no seu empreendimento.

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