The Scenery Speaks for Itself: Life on an Indian Train

I woke up to an increasingly flooding Goan morning. Too sleepy, got to the train station being no more than a faint projection of myself… Plan: sleep the whole 8 hours into Hospet, Karnataka. That was a good plan. What I wasn’t counting on… The beautiful landscape that jumped into the train windows, invading my horizons… Impossible to ignore. Green covered ridges, as far as the eye can see, misty peaks and a dense jungle that sharps the spears of your imagination. At the same time, this was one of the liveliest train rides I’ve ever had. From the passengers, to the creative cries of the food salesman, to the random people that came into the train curious to see what was going on… All of them looked especially touched by the world flashing by… Such great vibes…

Suddenly, the landscape totally changes, gets drier, flooded with yellow tones and looks like Monty Python’s 16 ton has landed on it. A different kind of beauty, with the sky stealing the scene a little bit.

Take the journey, open your eyes… you can sleep when you’re dead, right?