Central America From a Bus Window: A Flashback

And so I left Mexico City behind. Great memories of friends, tacos and traffic, combined in fond times I’ll always remember with delight. Ahead of me laid the vast Central American continent. The goal was to cross it, powering through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and finally reach Panama. Dear Central America, we’ll be back in good terms. It’s just a matter of time. This time, our encounter was brief, but passionate. And made me want to walk you even more. From a bus window I watched you pass by, and border checks were my good friends. With moneychangers all around me, the occasional “pupusa”, taco, or beans with rice as pit stop snack, I even started enjoying this bureaucratic pause. After 5 days of travel, 73 hours combined in bus time, 7 passport stamps, 2 nights spent in roadside (cockroach filled) hotels, to finally see the skyline of Panama City on the rainy horizon was bliss, I have to confess. I expect to find a new love, and that love’s name is South America. Wait for me, I’m getting closer. If the winds are favorable, I’ll soon be in your arms.