Entering Rajasthan: On the Way to Pushkar

24 hours bus ride… That’s what took me to get out of Mumbai, crossing Gujarat and into Rajasthan. A tough trip, that took three buses, the last one a busy local bus where the curiosity turned me into the attraction. A great trip though, quite scenic, that was made easier with the nice people I met on the bus. True travel companions with great stories to share… Stories and narrations that allow me to understand a bit better this myriad of cultures that is India… Heading to one of the Holiest places for Hindus, I felt truly blessed… Blessed to have arrived, but also blessed to have taken the journey…

In the Suburbs of Udaipur… The landscape turns into a drier, warmer tinted tone

Life passing by

Channa Masala on the Bus… quite the treat!

Roadside life